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April 2022

My first 'project' that I built using React. Paired with Vercel's Next.js framework, I learned about mixed rendering modes, Typescript and optimising content for fast delivery.


March 2022

Intelligently generated buildings in Minecraft using a genetic algorithm and a modern tech stack.

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Sticky Board - Retro Sounds in the Modern Age

March 2022

I created this fun project to learn about Nuxt.js and extends my knowledge of Vue.js. Why not give it a try?

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CS:GO Item Sniping Bot

November 2021

I have been buying, selling, and trading CS:GO items (before NFTs were cool) and thought it would be an interesting challenge to program something that can do it for me

Fivium Hackday - What's for Lunch?

April 2021

I was told that WebSockets always win prizes on Hackdays. Having never used them before, it was the perfect opportunity to learn a new technology and see what I can come up with within 24 hours